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Since1991, We have been designing beautiful interiors at Top Notch Cabinets. We offer a completely customizable experience that lets our clients turn their imagination into reality. Powered by a team of handpicked designers, technicians, cabinetmakers, finishers and installers, we can handle any project, no matter the shape or size. Kitchens. Closets. Living rooms. Bathrooms. Everything in between. We're at the forefront of interior design, with access to the latest innovations, materials and trends to help transform your home. Our 22,000 sqft workshop is state of the art. So, you can relax knowing that our experts will oversee your project from concept to installation.

 We'll treat you with the same impeccable customer service that we started with 27 years ago. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to answer any question you have at every step along the way. We'll build communication and trust as we see you through the construction of your design. Our only goal is to help you create a beautiful home. One you are proud to showcase. At Top Notch Cabinets, we bring visions to life.

- Rob & Val.